Solar Electric Fence

Solar-powered electric fencing should be equipped both a solar panel and sealed, against the weather, 6V battery. Better solar powered electric fence chargers are American-made, have advanced solid state circuitry with no moving parts. But, they should provide substantial shock output.

Another important feature would be night or day operation. This would happen because the unit would use free energy from the sun to keep the battery fully charged. In fact, some solar powered electric fence charpers will operate as long as 21 days in complete darkness. This would eliminate the need for inconvenient battery recharging.

Because solar powered fence chargers are exposed to the climate, they should be totally weatherproof. They should be portable, as well as rustproof. This would make for easy installation anywhere. A powerful electric fence charger will power up to 25 miles of un-grounded fence. This sort of fencing should control both small animals and livestock.

The power a solar electric fence charger is most important. A six volt unit should deliver up to 12,000 volts. However, some twelve units will have a lower volt output but actually have a higher amperage. An average outdoor solar powered electric fence charger should generate at least fifty-five pulses per minute.

Some units lower the joule output, which results in an effective and shocking, yet safe (a non-burning type ) of power spike. Interestlingly, direct current units are more resistant to lightning that comes through the fence than are the AC solar electric fence chargers. All types must of chargers must be grounded upon installation.