How Electric Fences Work

Electric fences are used by different people for different purposes. The majority of people that use them are farmers. These fences help to keep their livelihood – their livestock – inside the land that is owned by the farmer and to keep predators out. Though it is more expensive to use an electric fence over a traditional one it is much safer for the animal and more effective at protecting the farmers’ investment.

The livestock kept within the fence are trained never too touch or come too close to the fence. They understand that unlike a traditional fence they cannot simply try to buck and kick at it till it come loose. When they come into contact with it they will find that it hurts. It is not enough to inure them – but enough to make them never want to feel that kind of pain again.

The fence is charged by an energizer that will transmit high voltage through a wire. In some cases electric fence tape or rope might be used in place of the wire. The charge is transmitted through the fence between a one to two second interval. It will act like an open circuit that closes when a person or animal is standing on the ground that is touching it.

When the circuit has been closed the current will run through and shock them. The voltage that is used will depend on the type of animal that is being held. For smaller animals – like dogs – the voltage does not need to be very high. One shock might be all it needs to keep it from coming near the fence again. Some animal can be stubborn and will require a few more high powered shocks before they get the message.

Underground Pet Fences

Some people will use underground pet electric fences around their home. The transmitter for this is situated inside of the home. The dog will wear a collar with a built in receiver. Inside of the collar are several little prongs that are made with metal. When the dog get to close to the invisible fence the collar will let out a warning sound. This will warn the dog that they are about to be shocked.

When the dog crosses the underground wire it will get shocked. This is not enough to hurt them – but is effective at keeping them within the limits of the home. These fences allow the dog freedom – but prevents them from running out into the street and getting lost, stolen, or run over.