Electric Horse Fence

A popular electric horse fence is a woven poly electric fence. They are easily installed and permanent electric fencing system that is designed as a safe and secure horse fence. This type of electric horse fencing can be used as a permanent fence for perimeters, or even is portable for rotational grazing, and can be used for other livestock. This type of electric fencing can be used to exclude wildlife from crops and highways.horse fence

Most veternarians say that woven poly electric fence is a safe horse fence and minimize injuries and to secure horses safely. There aren’t any hard points or sharp edges. It seems that horses are less stressed inside a woven poly electric fence.

Woven poly electric fencing combines barrier strength with resilience. This material can, like a boxing ring, absorb force and spring back when pushed against. The outer portion of the fence material is made of a high grade of polyester fiber; the same that is used in parachute harnesses and auto seat belts. This polyester fencing fiber is quite dimensionally stable. After it stretches, it quickly returns to its original size.

The usual spacing in woven poly electric horse fencing that is recommend by experts for posts is 50 feet between each post. This means fewer posts than standard electric fence. This in turn means less work (labor costs), less overall cost and far less maintenance. Some companies include 25-year warranties against problems like rotting, rust, UV damage, weathering, and breakage during normal use.